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STUDY SMART will show you how to learn more in less time and remember better so you can increase you achievement.

STUDY SMART will help you if you have ever:

  • Had trouble paying attention in class
  • Read textbooks and not remembered what you read
  • Had trouble writing papers
  • Forgotten things you studied
  • Gotten lower grades than you deserved
  • Haven't had enough time to complete school work
  • Had trouble taking tests

These are common problems that almost all students have experienced. The good news is that there are proven, successful solutions to these and other problems.

School success depends on your attitude, your actions, and the strategies you use when you study. Everyone can improve school success and everyone can succeed. STUDY SMART will show you the strategies, skills, and attitudes to make yourself successful.

In the twenty-four STUDY SMART lessons you will learn skills to plan your time and effort, read textbooks, take notes in class, remember facts, take tests, and listen well. You will find out about new ways to complete homework quickly and to make the most of time in class. You will also learn to use your current skills more effectively and efficiently. Our goal is for you to be in control of your success as a student.

You don't always have to study more to get higher grades. Mostly you need to study differently and to use the best study methods. If you learn and use the STUDY SMART skills and strategies you will become and expert learner.

Remember, to do you best in school, don't just study more, STUDY SMART.

Best wishes.

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