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Directions: Please read each sentence carefully. In the blank space to the left, indicate whether the sentence describes something which you always, usually, sometimes or never do. Use the following numbers to indicate the best description. You can also print the survey and fill it out on your own time.

1 = always; 2 = usually; 3 = sometimes; 4 = never.

Preparation Skills

    ____ 1.I study in the same place.

    ____ 2.*It takes too much time to study.

    ____ 3.I turn my assignments in on time.

    ____ 4.I am satisfied with my grades.

    ____ 5.I make a study schedule.

    ____ 6.*I just open my book and begin reading.

    ____ 7.*I have difficulty selecting important ideas while reading.

    ____ 8.I can study for at least an hour before I become distracted.

    ____ 9.I look through a chapter before I read it.

Learning Information

1 = always; 2 = usually; 3 = sometimes; 4 = never.

____ 10.I make up study questions before or while I read.

____ 11.I take notes as I read.

____ 12.I try to relate what I am reading to something that I already know.

____ 13.I stop reading and think about what I read.

____ 14.I draw pictures, diagrams and graphs in my notes to explain special points.

____ 15.I read over my class notes.

____ 16.When I have a long assignment, I write summaries of each part as I go along.

____ 17.I read short parts of an assignment and ask myself questions about it as I go along.

____ 18.I underline or highlight facts, definitions and concept words in my notes.

____ 19.I have a good memory.

Follow-Up Skills

1 = always; 2 = usually; 3 = sometimes; 4 = never.

____ 20.I ask the teacher questions when I do not understand.

____ 21.I study old tests and my notes for examinations.

____ 22.*I reread material when I do not understand it the first time.

____ 23.I have trouble summarizing material that I have read.

____ 24.I am able to complete tests within the scheduled time.

____ 25.*I do most of my studying for tests the night before the test.

____ 26.I review my notes regularly.

____ 27.*I worry that I may not pass.

____ 28.I make up test questions about the material that I have studied.

Taking Tests

1 = always; 2 = usually; 3 = sometimes; 4 = never.

____ 29.I do well on multiple choice and true/false tests.

____ 30.I read or look over the whole test before I answer any questions.

____ 31.*I get nervous when I take tests.

____ 32.*I have trouble remembering things I learned.

Continue by scoring the Systematic Study Survey

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