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PinkMonkey Online Study Guide-Biology


Chapter 1 : The Science of Biology

1. What is Biology?

2. What is scientific methodology? What are the steps involved in it?

Chapter 2 : Chemical Basis of Life

1. What are minerals?

2. What are proteins ? Structure and types of protein.

3. What are carbohydrates ? Different types of carbohydrates .

4. What are nucleic acids ? Structure and functions of DNA.

5. Differentiate between DNA and RNA.

6. Classify enzymes with their role in chemical reactions and give their properties.

Chapter 3 : Cell - The Basic Unit of Life

1. Describe the properties of a cell.

2. What is the contribution of the following scientists in the discovery of cell ?

(a) Anton van Leuwenhoek

(b) Robert Hooke

(c) Schulze

3. What are inorganic biomolecules of cells ? Describe the structure and roles of water in cells.

Chapter 4 : Photosynthesis

1. Describe the ultrastructure and functions of a chloroplast.

2. Write an account of non-cyclic photophosphorylation.

3. Describe the Calvin cycle.

4. Write notes on:

(a) pigment systems and their role in photosynthesis.

(b) light in photosynthesis.

(c) electron transport system in photosynthesis.

(d) cyclic photophosphorylation.

(f) photoexcitation of chlorophyll.

5. Write a note on Hatch Slack pathway and compare it with the Calvin cycle.

6. Write notes on :

(a) CAM plants.

(b) Significance of photosynthesis.

(c) Compare C- 3 plants and C-4 plants.

Chapter 5 : Cellular Respiration

1. What is cellular respiration? Define the types of respiration and give their general chemical


2. Describe the steps of glycolysis.

3. Write an account of the TCA cycle.

4. Describe the ETS and its role in respiration.

5. Give an account of anaerobic respiration.

6. What is fermentation ? Write a note on lactic acid fermentation.

7. Explain utilization of oxygen in aerobic respiration. How does it help in synthesis of ATP?

8. Describe the ultrastructure of mitochondrion.

9. Write notes on :

(a) alcoholic fermentation.

(b) significance of respiration.

(c) role of ETS in respiration.

(d) significance of TCA cycle.

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