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1.6 Common Mistakes Committed In Interpretation of Statistics

  1. Bias:- Bias means prejudice or preference of the investigator, which creeps in consciously and unconsciously in proving a particular point.

  2. Generalization:- Some times on the basis of little data available one could jump to a conclusion, which leads to erroneous results.

  3. Wrong conclusion:- The characteristics of a group if attached to an individual member of that group, may lead us to draw absurd conclusions.

  4. Incomplete classification:- If we fail to give a complete classification, the influence of various factors may not be properly understood.

  5. There may be a wrong use of percentages.

  6. Technical mistakes may also occur.

  7. An inconsistency in definition can even exist.

  8. Wrong causal inferences may sometimes be drawn.

  9. There may also be a misuse of correlation.


1.1 What is Statistics
1.2 Uses
1.3 Distrust of Statistics
1.4 Statistics can be misused
1.5 Types of Statistics
1.6 Common mistakes committed in interpretation of Statistics
1.7 Glossary Of Terms

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