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1.6 Dates & Events

5000 BC - Development of Civilizations begin in the Nile river valley.

Sumerians establish their first agricultural settlements in the river valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates.

4500 BC - Metal Works begin in both Egypt and Sumer.

4000-3500 BC - Sumer : First towns are established.

3760 BC - Early use of bronze is recorded in Egypt and Sumer.

3500 BC - Two kingdoms of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt flourish side by side.

The earliest known numerals and Hieroglyphic script are invented.

Development of the Mastaba, a burial pit covered by a brick platform. It was the forerunner of the pyramid.

3200 BC - Sumerians begin to develop cuneiform writing, the oldest writing system.

2690 BC - Indus valley civilization

2630 BC - Step Pyramid in Egypt.

2600 BC - Papyrus used in Egypt. Before this the Egyptians wrote on stone

2575 - 2134 BC - The Old Kingdom.

2551 BC - Khufu becomes Pharoah and builds the Great Pyramid at Giza.

1500 BC - End of Indus Valley civilization.

The beginning of the Shang Dynasty in China.

2040-1640 BC - The Middle Kingdom.

1550-1070 BC - The New Kingdom. People from Palestine settle there.

1200 BC - Aryans in India.

1140 BC - First Phoenician colony in Africa at Utica.

1116 BC - Assyrians conquer Babylon.

1000 BC - Rig Veda compiled in India.

800 BC - Development of India’s caste system.

752 BC - Foundation of Rome.

612 BC - End of Assyrian empire.

563 BC - Birth of Buddha.

551 BC - Birth of Confucius.

507 BC - Democracy is established in Athens.

279 BC - Asoka founds the first Indian Empire.

27 BC - Augustus becomes the first Roman Emperor.

306 AD - Constantine I becomes the emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

320 AD - Chandragupta founds the Gupta dynasty in India.

324 AD - Constantine reunites the Roman Empire.

330 AD - Constantine founds Constantinople, on the sight of the Greek city of Byzantium, as the capital of his empire (Istanbul).


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1.6 Dates & Events
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