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Free Barron's Booknotes-Don Quixote by Migel de Cervantes-Free Book Notes
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_____ 1. Alonso Quixano is driven mad by

A. poverty
B. reading too many books about chivalry
C. his fantasies about the wicked enchanter Freston

_____ 2. Sancho Panza becomes Don Quixote's squire because he

A. thinks he will become ruler of an island
B. wants to get away from his wife
C. wants to recover his stolen ass, Dapple

_____ 3. The story of Anselmo and Camilla illustrates the

A. pain of unrequited love
B. evils of arranged marriages
C. importance of trusting those we love

_____ 4. Don Quixote's main reason for freeing the galley slaves is that he

A. believes they are victims of a wicked enchanter
B. thinks Gines de Pasamonte was unjustly convicted
C. does not believe the king has a right to take away anyone's liberty

_____ 5. Some major themes of Don Quixote are

I. illusion vs. reality
II. the evils of the class structure
III. the role of idealism in the real world

A. I & II only
B. I & III only
C. II & III only

_____ 6. Don Quixote's dream in the Cave of Montesinos is about the

A. impossibility of romantic love lasting forever
B. curse of immortality
C. dangers of mistaking fantasy for reality

_____ 7. Dorothea is able to act the part of the princess because she

A. really does come from a noble family
B. knows what it is like to be a damsel in distress
C. is secretly in love with Don Quixote

_____ 8. Altisidora is

A. spiteful and self-centered
B. just the type to die for love
C. too young to know her own mind

_____ 9. One good definition of quixotism is

A. the belief that one's own ideals are superior to everyone else's
B. misguided idealism
C. a form of idealism that went out of style at the end of the Middle Ages

_____ 10. Early in Part II of the novel Don Quixote learns that

A. the knights-errant he admires are fictional characters
B. Dulcinea never existed
C. he himself is a character in a book

11. What was Cervantes' view of religion?

12. How does Sancho Panza change and become "quixotized" in the course of the novel?

13. Discuss some different forms of humor in Don Quixote.

14. Why is the episode of the Cave of Montesinos sometimes called "Don Quixote's lie"? How does it differ from the adventures that precede it?

15. Discuss the mirror symbolism in Don Quixote.

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Free Barron's Booknotes-Don Quixote by Migel de Cervantes-Free Chapter Notes

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