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Free Barron's Booknotes-A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway
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11. Consider the characters and their attitudes toward the rules and laws of the society they live in. Are Frederic and Catherine law-abiding citizens? Consider some of the minor characters who live by rules, and also the kinds of rules they live by. Does Hemingway portray them as sympathetic characters? For example, examine the priest, the patriot Moretti, the carabinieri who arrest Henry, the Swiss police, the barman in Stresa, Miss Van Campen, Rinaldi, the English ambulance driver who helps Henry.

12. "Disillusionment" is mentioned as a theme in this novel. Your job with this question would be to figure out whether too much exposure to the reality of war and death is responsible for Henry's change of character. You might also want to estimate how strong an influence the death of Catherine's fiance had on her love affair with Henry. Still another consideration is Henry's situation at the end of the book. What is he going to do now that he has had a full close of reality? Or has he? Has his love affair been real? Or is it more accurate to think of it as an escape from reality?

13. In answering this question you could use some of the same material as in question 11. The difference-it's minor, but a difference nevertheless-is that here we're concerned more with the effect of society on the person and less with whether or not the whole book is an indictment of society. Consider the same characters that you looked at in question 11, but ask yourself, "Are they happy?" "In what ways are they happy?" "Are they happy because they are social beings or antisocial beings?" --

14. Here is another all-purpose question that you can answer using this book, specifically the experiences of Frederic Henry. His shock, of course, is his wound. He is a changed person as a result. How has he changed? This essay might be organized as follows: a short introduction stating that Henry does change; a paragraph detailing how he changes in his attitude toward Catherine; another paragraph showing his different attitude toward the war; a third detailing his changed attitude toward society as a whole; and finally a wrap-up.

Of course, you could view Catherine's death as a shock, too. That would require a bit more conjecture, but you could write an essay that treats Henry as a changed man after her death.

15. Here's your chance to use comparison/contrast. Your basic question is, Which book has the greater impact, and why? The why is the key. If you can't support your assertions by direct reference to the book in question, your answer to this one will fall flat.

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Free Barron's Booknotes-A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway

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