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William Shakespeare




_____ 1. Polonius advises Laertes to

    A. be prudent about finances
    B. seek revenge when it is called for
    C. pursue his music studies in Paris
_____ 2. The soldiers are tense at the start of the play because
    I. they expect an imminent attack
    II. they have seen a ghost
    III. something is rotten in the state of Denmark
    A. I and II
    B. I and III
    C. II and III
_____ 3. An example of Claudius' effectiveness as a king is the
    A. manner in which he denies Hamlet's request to return to school
    B. way he uses the talents of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
    C. mission of Cornelius and Voltemand
_____ 4. The play-within-the-play is not known as
    A. The Murder of Gonzago
    B. The Lady Doth Protest Too Much
    C. The Mousetrap
_____ 5. Claudius does not punish Hamlet after the murder of Polonius because
    I. of his love for Hamlet's mother
    II. of his sensitivity toward Ophelia
    III. Hamlet is popular with the Danish people
    A. I and II
    B. I and III
    C. II and III

_____ 6. Laertes' special contribution to the plot to kill Hamlet is the
    A. special unction he bought from a mountebank
    B. poison in the chalice
    C. unbated sword
_____ 7. Claudius is upset over the murder of Polonius because
    A. the old man had been a lifelong friend
    B. he might have been the victim himself
    C. he fears Laertes' reaction
_____ 8. The action that softens our feelings somewhat toward Claudius is his
    A. attempt to pray
    B. love for Gertrude
    C. kind behavior at Ophelia's funeral
_____ 9. The line that shows Hamlet's intuitive feeling about his uncle is
    A. "I must be cruel only to be kind"
    B. "O, my prophetic soul"
    C. "Remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain!"
_____ 10. "Good night, sweet prince" is spoken to Hamlet by
    A. Queen Gertrude
    B. Laertes, just before he himself dies
    C. his friend, Horatio

11. Is Hamlet mad or sane? Discuss.

12. Why does Hamlet hesitate before taking revenge?

13. To what extent is Claudius a good king? Give examples.

14. Compare Laertes and Hamlet as characters, showing how their stories contrast with one another.

15. Discuss the different views taken of the ghost by Marcellus, Horatio, Hamlet. Explain which is revealed by the play to be most valid.  


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