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Free Barron's Booknotes-The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
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_____ 1. Huck was living with the Widow Douglas because -

A. she was taking care of his money
B. she wanted to civilize him
C. he wanted to belong to a family
D. he was jealous of Tom Sawyer

_____ 2. The hair-ball oracle incident shows us that -

A. Huck is not superstitious
B. Jim is not superstitious
C. both of them are superstitious
D. Jim is superstitious, but Huck isn't

_____ 3. When Pap first comes back, he is -

A. angry about Huck's new life
B. proud of Huck's recent change
C. sad about what he's done to Huck
D. hoping to turn over a new leaf

_____ 4. Huck escapes from his father by -

A. wearing a disguise
B. getting help from Judge Thatcher
C. burning down his father's house
D. pretending he has been murdered

_____ 5. When Jim admits running away, Huck's first reaction is -

A. shock
B. amusement
C. puzzlement
D. disinterest

_____ 6. Which of these tests did Huck not fail when he tried to pass himself off as a girl?

A. threading a needle
B. walking in high heels
C. throwing a heavy object
D. catching something in his lap

_____ 7. Jim's feeling about King Solomon is that he -

A. had a sense of humor
B. was a wise man
C. was anything but wise
D. was a good ruler

_____ 8. After Jim and Huck are separated in a fog -

A. Huck decides never to leave Jim again B. Jim makes fun of Huck for being afraid C. they leave the raft for good D. Huck tells Jim it was all a dream

_____ 9. Huck thinks the Grangerfords are -

A. a fine, cultured family
B. a family with no taste
C. dishonest in business
D. enemies of religion

_____ 10. Stephen Dowling Bots died by -

A. being caught in a burning building
B. getting pneumonia
C. standing up to a man with a gun
D. falling down a well

11. In what ways is Huck a perceptive and observant narrator? In what ways is he naive and unreliable? -

12. What are Huck's contrasting attitudes toward lying? -

13. Show how Huck's language changes when he gives detailed descriptions of the river. -

14. How does Huck deal with people who disagree with him? How did he develop such an attitude, and what does it show about how he approaches the world? -

15. Is Jim a three-dimensional character, or is he a stereo-typical slave? -

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version | MonkeyNotes

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Free Barron's Booknotes-The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain-Free

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