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Barron's Booknotes-Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
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_____ 1. In his funeral oration, Antony refers to the assassins as
A. traitors
B. men of good cause
C. honorable men

_____ 2. Caesar's will
A. names Mark Antony as his successor
B. leaves 75 drachmas to every Roman citizen
C. explains why he refused the crown

_____ 3. After the funeral, the Plebians
A. kill Cinna the poet, mistaking him for Cinna the conspirator
B. vow to follow Mark Antony
C. go to burn the houses of the assassins

_____ 4. Antony's opinion of Lepidus, his fellow member of the triumvirate, is that he is
A. an honorable man, "high-spirited and meritorious"
B. to be used as a beast of burden "to ease ourselves of sland'rous loads"
C. to be feared because "such men are never at heart's ease Whiles they behold a greater than themselves"

_____ 5. At Sardis, Brutus' servant tells him that Cassius
A. has shown himself to be "a hot friend cooling"
B. is plotting to kill Brutus
C. is planning to flee the country to escape the wrath of the populace

_____ 6. Following the argument over Cassius' refusal to give Brutus gold to pay his legions,
A. they part in anger with the intention of fighting Antony with their separate armies
B. Cassius explains that he himself is in financial straits
C. are reconciled and attribute their rash statements to ill temper

_____ 7. Portia
A. was killed by the mob that stormed Brutus' house
B. died by swallowing fire
C. tried to persuade Brutus to save himself by delivering Cassius to Antony

_____ 8. Brutus' argument for meeting the enemy at Philippi is
A. he has received an omen in a dream that good fortune awaits him there
B. that there his forces would be better rested and prepared
C. that the opposing army will pick up strength and numbers if allowed to march from Philippi

_____ 9. The ghost of Caesar
A. hurls at Brutus the accusation, "Et tu, Brute?"
B. tells Brutus he shall see him at Philippi
C. completes the prophetic song that Brutus' slave had begun before he fell asleep

_____ 10. Before the battle, Cassius says he saw the following omen:
A. a snake had wrapped itself around his army's ensign
B. two eagles perched on his army's ensign were replaced by ravens and crows
C. his army's ensign had fallen to the ground and was ripped to shreds by two lions

11. Was Julius Caesar a well-structured play?

12. Is Brutus a man of honor who is destroyed by forces beyond his control? Or is he a self-righteous hypocrite who cloaks his evil deeds in high-minded phrases and plunges his country into civil war?

13. Is Rome left in good hands after the death of Brutus?

14. What role does friendship play in the lives and destinies of the characters?

Table of Contents | Message Board | Printable Version

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Barron's Booknotes-Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

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