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_____ 1. When Emma goes to Rouen every Thursday to see Leon, Charles thinks

A. going to the opera
B. taking piano lessons
C. consulting Dr. Canivet

_____ 2. At the start of the novel, Charles meets Emma

A. at an agricultural fair
B. when she comes for a medical checkup
C. at her father's farm

_____ 3. After she gives birth, Emma faints because she

A. wanted a boy
B. loves Leon
C. lost blood during the delivery

_____ 4. After Emma dies, Charles

A. returns to Tostes
B. lives with his mother
C. dresses in a new way

_____ 5. Leon moves from Yonville to Paris because

A. his mother tells him to
B. Emma refuses to return his love
C. he can find a better job there

_____ 6. A symbolic gift that Emma makes to Leon is a

A. book of love poems
B. bedspread
C. lock of her hair

_____ 7. Charles marries Heloise Dubuc because

A. she shared his interest in medicine
B. he felt he owed it to her
C. of her money

_____ 8. Homais, the pharmacist, represents

A. a symbol of impending doom
B. the struggle between Romanticism and Realism
C. the new middle-class spirit

_____ 9. Emma commits suicide

A. because Leon no longer loves her
B. after Rodolphe rejects her plea for help
C. because she's afraid to confront Charles with her debts

_____ 10. At the end of the novel, Homais

A. receives the decoration of the Legion of Honor
B. moves his business to Rouen
C. writes the story of Emma's tragedy

11. Analyze the structure of Madame Bovary.

12. Discuss Flaubert's use of "double action" (counterpoint).

13. Based on Madame Bovary, what is Flaubert's view of Romanticism?

14. Discuss Flaubert's use of irony.

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