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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey - Barron's Booknotes
Table of Contents


_____ 1. Cheswick commits suicide by

A. swallowing lye
B. stuffing a pillow case in his mouth
C. swimming to the pool's bottom

_____ 2. Dale Harding is fenced in by Nurse Ratched and

A. McMurphy
B. his wife
C. Electro-Shock therapy

_____ 3. The ringing in the Chief's ears stopped when

A. Billy killed himself
B. Dr. Spivey sided with McMurphy
C. McMurphy smashed the glass

_____ 4. When the Chief said he was reduced in size,

A. promised to "blow him back up"
B. showed him that he was actually 6' 7"
C. sank to his knees

_____ 5. One of the ironies of the book is that

A. as the others improve, McMurphy deteriorates
B. when the Chief finally speaks it is too late
C. Nurse Ratched actually liked McMurphy

_____ 6. Many critics have pointed out Ken Kesey's
indebtedness to

A. the Bible
B. Melville's Moby-Dick
C. Conrad's Heart of Darkness

_____ 7. In sacrificing himself to free the others, McMurphy

I. points out the Nurse's moral bankruptcy
II. becomes Christ-like
III. inspires the Chief to be "reborn"

A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. I, II, and III

_____ 8. By playing upon Billy's sense of guilt, Nurse Ratched

A. sets a powerful example for the ward
B. is able to free him from McMurphy's influence
C. pushes him to his suicide

_____ 9. In smothering McMurphy, the Chief

A. carries out his promise to his friend
B. strikes a real blow at the Nurse's power
C. asserts his own individuality

_____ 10. The Chief's escape at the end of the novel stands for

I. his return to life
II. McMurphy's "triumph" Nurse Ratched
III. the symbolic negligence of those who are in power

A. I and II only
B. I and III only
C. I, II, and III

11. Discuss McMurphy's development as a character through
the course of the novel.

12. Analyze the role of women in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's

13. What are the causes of mental illness in Cuckoo's nest?

Table of Contents

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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey - Barron's Booknotes

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