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The Taming of the Shrew
William Shakespeare

Schematic Diagram of the Plot

    Act I, Scene i: Lucentio                                                
    falls in love and changes                                               
    roles with Tranio.                                                      
                                       Act I, Scene ii: Petruchio           
                                       agrees to woo Katherina.             
    Act II, Scene i: Three                                                  
    suitors want to marry                                                   
                                       Act II, Scene i: Petruchio           
                                       arranges with Baptista to marry      
    Act II, Scene i: Baptista                                               
    auctions off Bianca to                                                  
    Act III, Scene i: Hortensio                                             
    and Lucentio, disguised as                                              
    schoolmasters, woo Bianca.                                              
                                       Act III, Scene ii: Katherina         
                                       and Petruchio are married and        
                                       depart for Petruchio's house.        
                                       Act IV, Scene i: The taming          
    Act IV, Scene ii: Hortensio                                             
    and Tranio withdraw their                                               
    suits; a pretend father is                                              
    found for Lucentio.                                                     
                                       Act IV, Scene iii: The taming        
    Act IV, Scene iv: Baptista                                              
    is convinced by the false                                               
    Vincentio, and Lucentio goes                                            
    to marry Bianca.                                                        
                                       Act IV, Scene v: Katherina           
                                       gives in to Petruchio; they          
                                       meet the real Vincentio on the       
                                       road to Padua.                       
    Act V, Scene i: The two                                                 
    Vincentios meet and the                                                 
    deceptions are revealed.                                                
                  Act V, Scene ii: The characters                           
                  of both plots get together;                               
                  Katherina tells what she has                              
                  learned to the two ladies from                            
                  the Bianca plot, and Petruchio                            
                  wins his bet from their husbands.                         


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