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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - Barron's Booknotes
Table of Contents

Test 2

_____ 1. By the end of the first half of the novel which of the
following characters have died? -

A. Hareton and Catherine
B. Catherine and Hindley
C. Hindley and Isabella

_____ 2. Which statement is not true of Heathcliff? -

A. He intends to take possession of both Wuthering Heights
and Thrushcross Grange
B. He refuses to accept the responsibility of raising his son
after his wife dies
C. He feels the same degree of affection for Hindley's son as
for his own son

_____ 3. Cathy's love letters to Wuthering Heights are
addressed to -

A. Hareton
B. Linton
C. both cousins

_____ 4. Heathcliff's scheme for revenge is -

A. thwarted by Linton's death
B. advanced by Linton's death
C. the most powerful expression of his nature

_____ 5. To accomplish his goal Heathcliff -

A. imprisons Cathy in his house
B. forces Linton to marry Cathy
C. both A and B

_____ 6. The lawyer arrives -

A. just in time for Edgar to change his will before he dies
B. too late to change Edgar's will because he was involved in
rescuing Cathy from Wuthering Heights
C. too late to change Edgar's will because he had been bought
off by Heathcliff

_____ 7. When Lockwood returns to Wuthering Heights after a
long absence, he finds the gate to the house is open, a sign that

A. Hareton is as careless as the previous master
B. Wuthering Heights has been abandoned
C. Heathcliff is dead

_____ 8. Cathy is saved from Heathcliff's fury when -

A. Hareton protects her from further blows
B. Heathcliff loses his desire for revenge
C. Ellen Dean intervenes and threatens to call the constable

_____ 9. In the few days before his death, Heathcliff -

A. arranges with the sexton to open his and Catherine's coffins
on one side so their bones will mingle
B. finally accepts Cathy and Hareton as his heirs
C. radiates a strange happiness

_____ 10. You hear most of the narrative of Wuthering Heights
from -

A. Mr. Lockwood
B. Ellen Dean
C. Zillah

11. How does Emily Bronte's use of narrators affect the novel?

12. Discuss the presentation of revenge. -

13. Compare the two generations. -

14. Discuss Bronte's style. -

15. In what way is Wuthering Heights a novel of childhood? -

Table of Contents

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte - Barron's Booknotes

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