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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Synopsis
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The travelers board the Rangoon. They have to travel three thousand five hundred miles on this ship. Aouda becomes better acquainted with Fogg and is amazed by his attitude. While he is very particular about catering to her needs he behaves like automation. Fogg assures Aouda that he will find her cousin for her in Hong Kong.

The first part of the voyage passed in excellent weather then they pass the Great Andaman and later the Straits of Malacca. Fix is on the boat too and his aim is to arrest Fogg in Hong Kong. He keeps thinking about that. He also thinks of telling Passepartout, that his master may be a robber. Hr goes to the deck and strikes up a conversation with Passepartout. Passepartout is a little surprised to see Fix. But, he nevertheless tells Fix about his adventures in India. Fix learns that the young woman, Aouda, will be accompanying Fogg till Hong Kong and no further.


In this chapter we don’t see much of Fogg. The focus is on Aouda, Passepartout and most of all on Fix.

Aouda is slowly but surely getting very attracted to Fogg, but she cannot understand his cold behavior towards her. He does everything to make her comfortable but he does it more as a duty, than anything else. She is puzzled by this eccentric man; as anybody who encounters him, would be. Passepartout, Fogg’s loyal servant tells Aouda more about his master’s eccentric, yet noble character.

Some of the islands by which Rangoon passes by are described. They are tropical forested islands and are beautiful.

A large part of the chapter is devoted to the perturbations in Fix’s mind. He is confused and does not know how to deal with Fogg’s arrest. We can see that he has a typically vicious mind, that of a detective. He is always plotting in order to obtain his objective. Now, he plans to get closer to Passepartout in order to learn more about the master. When he goes to meet Passepartout on the deck of the Rangoon, we wonder why Passepartout does not smell a rat. But Passepartout is simple and naïve and he tells Fix all about his adventures in Bombay without holding anything back. Fix is curious about the young woman-Aouda, travelling with Fogg and Passepartout. Passepartout tells Fix that Aouda will be handed over to the care of a relative in Hong Kong. The detective would have possibly liked to hear that she is being abducted and is disappointed when he is told that she is not. Fix has only one purpose-to arrest Fogg and to win the reward money. We see that he is greedy and small-minded and yet, he is not typically villainous.

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Free Study Guide-Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne-Free Summary


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