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MonkeyNotes-Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac - a historical character and the protagonist of the play. He is a talented Gascon nobleman and cadet, who is known for the size of his nose. He is brilliantly witty but also tactless and forthright. He is also characterized by his verbal and military skills, his courage, and his fierce independence. During the play, he is deeply in love with the beautiful Roxane, who is his cousin. Unfortunately, he feels that he can never win her because of his ugliness. When Roxane indicates to him that she is attracted to the handsome Christian, Cyrano becomes the mouthpiece to Christian, who has no verbal skills. By pretending to be Christian, he can express to Roxane his true feelings for her.

Roxane - a beautiful, charming, and intellectual young lady, who is Cyrano's cousin. Both Christian and Cyrano are in love with her, and the married De Guiche lusts after her. She falls in love with and marries Christian because of his handsome appearance and because she is impressed with what he says. She is unaware of the fact that it is really Cyrano who supplies all of Christian's thoughts and words. She proves her faithfulness to Christian by risking her life to come to the Arras front to see him and by pledging to stay with him during the battle, even if it means she must die with him.

Christian De Neuvillette - a handsome young man who has just joined the Gascon cadets. Although he is extremely handsome, he lacks wit, intelligence, and the power of self-expression. When he falls in love with Roxane, Cyrano helps him to win her love by supplying the proper thoughts and words for Christian to repeat to Roxane. He is killed by the first shot fired at the Gascon regiment, as it waits outside of Arras.

Count De Guiche - a deceitful and powerful Gascon nobleman, who is a complete contrast to Cyrano. Although he is a married man, he seeks ways to become involved with Roxane. When he learns that Cyrano has helped Christian to marry Roxane, he is furious and wants revenge. He orders the Gascon cadets, including Cyrano and Christian, to report to Arras at once. While the Gascons are encamped outside of Arras, he signals a Spanish spy to have the Spaniards attack the regiment, for he wants to do away with his rivals, Cyrano and Christian.


Le Bret - a true friend and guide to Cyrano. Although Cyrano confides his deepest feelings to him, he is too independent to be guided by Le Bret in worldly matters.

Ragueneau - the pastry chef and poet. His bakery is the meeting place of poets, who regularly exploit the baker's kindness and generosity. When Lise, his wife, runs off with a musketeer, he is miserable, feeling totally deserted and deceived. He closes his pastry shop and goes to work for Roxane. When Roxane decides to go to the front to see Christian, it is Ragueneau who drives her carriage through the enemy lines.

Lise - Ragueneau's wife. She is totally exasperated by her husband's preoccupation with verse and his being exploited by the poets. As a result, she falls in love and elopes with a musketeer.

Carbon de Castel Jaloux - the captain of the Gascon cadets. He has the pride and spirit to be successful leader.

Lignière - a poet who often drank too much. He was disliked by many, for he satirized the rich and powerful. Cyrano fights a hundred men to save him from a vindictive attack.

Montfleury - an actor under aristocratic patronage. He antagonizes Cyrano by flirting with Roxane.

The Capuchin - a simple monk. De Guiche employs him to carry a message to Roxane. He ends up performing the wedding ceremony for Roxane and Christian.

Viscount de Valvert - a weak follower of De Guiche. He is selected by De Guiche to become Roxane's husband. Since he is an accommodating man, De Guiche knows that Valvert will not protest if he has an affair with Roxane.

Mother Marguerite de Jesus - the Mother Superior of the Convent of the Ladies of the Cross, where Roxane goes to live after Christian's death. She is an understanding person, who can make allowances for the laxity of Cyrano, as well as her nuns Sister Claire and Sister Marthe.

The Duenna - Roxane's governess before her marriage. She is a rather comic character who can be conveniently lax in her chaperoning.

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MonkeyNotes-Cyrano De Bergerac by Edmond Rostand



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