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MonkeyNotes-Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy
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Minor Characters

Grandfather William - the eldest of the Dewy family. The seventy-year-old man is filled with vitality and known for being a perfect gentleman. He is also humorous and kind.

Mrs. Day - the Tranter's second wife, who is a practical and competent ruler of the household.

Susan Day - a sister of Dick, with whom Fancy Day goes into the garden for apple picking.

Mr. Grinham - the former Vicar of Mellstock and the predecessor of Mr. Maybold.

Jim, Bessie and Charlie - the other children of Mrs. Day.

Mr. Robert Penny - a boot and shoemaker, who is known for his moon-like spectacles and his theories on feet.

Elias Spinks - one of the members of the Mellstock choir, known as the intellectual skeptic of the village. He is determined to maintain his reputation of being a learned man.

Joseph Bourman - another member of the Mellstock choir.

Thomas Leaf - a semi-idiot, who is the only surviving member of a large family. He is referred to as the village 'natural.'

Michael Mail - the eldest of the Mellstock choir group.

Ledlow - a farmer on whom the choir calls for carol-singing

Voss - another person on whom the choir calls for singing carols.

Smart - Dick's friend whom he joins at Budmouth.

Lizzy - Dick's dancing partner at the Tranter's party.

Mrs. Penny - Mr. Penny's wife, who was "concerned for her personal safety when she danced with the Tranter." She is always interested in the affairs of the heart and is an acute judge.

Mrs. Endorfield - a witch of superior intelligence combined with a few harmless eccentricities. She helps Fancy's love affair.

Mrs. Ledlow - Farmer Ledlow's wife.

Vicar's Mother - the lady for whom Dick takes some swarms of bees.

Mrs. Day - Geoffrey Day's second wife and Fancy Day's stepmother.

Enoch - Geoffrey Day's trapper who assists him in the garden.

Fancy Day's mother - 'a teacher in a landed family's nursery, who was foolish enough to marry the keeper of the same establishment.' After her death, her sister takes care of Fancy.

Fancy Day's aunt - the owner of a boarding school until she becomes Mrs. Green.

Mr. Green - a lawyer whom Fancy Day's aunt marries.

Johnson - the dairyman

John Woodward - the man whose brother drowns in the pool.

Grand father James - Dick's maternal grandfather. He lives in a cottage all by himself. He is a miser who is rather 'slovenly in his habits.'

Mrs. Brownjohn - a lady belonging to a fast-coming and fast- dying family.

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MonkeyNotes-Under the Greenwood Tree by Thomas Hardy


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