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MonkeyNotes-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
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Bloody Baron

The Slytherin Ghost. The Bloody Baron is a grim, silent, terrifying fellow who is covered with bloodstains. No one is quite sure about the source of the bloodstains, and no one dares ask. Peeves, who respects the Baron for some unknown reason, calls him “Your Bloodiness” and “Mr. Baron.”

Crabbe, Vincent

A student at Hogwarts of the Slytherin house, in the same year as Harry. Crabbe is quite dense, although he seems to be a little brighter than Goyle (in that Malfoy chooses Crabbe to be his second in a wizards' duel). Crabbe follows Draco Malfoy around and serves as something of a bodyguard for him. Crabbe has a puddingbowl haircut and gorilla-ish arms.

Warning: spoiler information ahead. Crabbe's father is a Death Eater.

Name meaning: to be “crabby” is to be in a bad mood

Dedalus Diggle

Diggle sets of excessive fireworks after Voldemort’s fall and greets Harry in the Leaky Cauldron.

Name meaning: Daedulus was A cunning craftsman from Greek mythology who flew from Crete to Italy with his son Icarus by means of wings fastened to their shoulders with wax. Daedulus arrived safely, but Icarus, flying too near the sun, which melted the wax, fell into the sea. Icarus was careless with the laws of nature, and Diggle organizes showers of shooting stars the day that Voldemort disappears, which is also careless.

Dean Thomas

A black Gryffindor student in Harry’s class who likes soccer and is good at drawing.

Doris Crockford

The witch in the Leaky Cauldron who was just so delighted to meet Harry Potter that she came back more than once to shake his hand.

Fat Friar

A former Hufflepuff student and the current Hufflepuff ghost. He is a jolly, friendly ghost who cheerfully wishes the first years good day and hopes they'll be in Hufflepuff.

Fat Lady

A painting of the Fat Lady wearing a pink silk dress hangs over the round doorway into the Gryffindor Common Room. To gain admittance to through the portrait hole, a person must give the correct password to the her, in which case she swings her frame out from the wall.

Figg, Mrs.

The “mad old lady” to whose house Harry goes once a year on Dudley's birthday. Harry hates it there. Her house smells like cabbage and Mrs. Figg always makes him look at pictures of every cat she ever owned.

Warning: spoiler information ahead. In Book Four, Dumbledore lists off whom he needs alerted to help fight Voldemort: “ ‘You are to alert Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher--the old crowd.’ ” There’s ample evidence that the Arabella Figg Dumbledore mentions is the Mrs. Figg with all the cats who lives near the Dursleys.

• Surely Dumbledore would make sure that Harry is protected while on Privet Drive. Surely Dumbledore would place a protector over Harry. Mrs. Figg lives only a few blocks away.

• Arthur Weasley’s tent at the Quidditch World Cup (Book Four) has the exact same interior as Mrs. Figg’s house. Perhaps the interior designs are the same because both were made by the same wizard and Miss Figg’s residence is a fake- house.

• In Book Three, how did the Knight Bus know to pick Harry up? Who called up the bus for him? Harry didn’t even know about the bus until it arrived. Perhaps Miss Figg, as Harry’s secret guardian, called the bus to see him to safety.

• If Miss Figg really is Harry’s guardian, then the questions is why doesn’t Dumbledore tell Harry about the arrangement?

Filch, Argus

Filch is the sadistic Hogwarts caretaker who likes to see students get caught and excessively punished.

Warning: spoiler information ahead. Filch is so eager to punish students because he is jealous. Filch is a squib, which means that he was born of a wizarding family but cannot do magic.

Name meaning: Argus was a giant possessed of a hundred eyes, of which only two were asleep at a time. He was ordered by Hera to keep watch on Io, but Zeus sent Hermes to bore him to death; afterward his eyes were put on the tail of Hera’s sacred peacock. To “filch” is to steal.

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MonkeyNotes-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


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