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MonkeyNotes-Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

Table of Contents

PLOT (Synopsis)

The great warrior-king of England, Henry V, is dead. He was
responsible for numerous English victories against the French.
His noblemen fear that his death signals bad times for England.
This is proved true, when they receive news of several French
victories against the English. Henry V is survived by his son
Henry VI, who was a baby at the time of his fatherís death.
This creates a vacuum at the seat of power resulting in rivalries
among the English noblemen for power. The foremost of these
is between Gloucester and Winchester both of who struggle
with the other to be foremost in the Kingdom.

The changing fortunes of the French receive a further boost
when Joan La Pucelle joins them. She manages to convince the
Dauphin that she is divinely inspires to help the French toward
victory. The French noblemen decide to heed her advice and
raise the siege from Orleans and drive the English way.

The animosity that exists between Gloucester and Winchester
deteriorates over the matter of the Tower. Winchester had
forbidden Gloucesterís entry to the Tower. The angry
Gloucester commands his men to attack Winchester and his
troops. The Mayor of London, who forbids both sides to carry
firearms, at the penalty of death, breaks this quarrel. The two
Englishmen leave, nursing their hatred for each other and
waiting for a future opportunity itís ever the score.

Salisbury and Gargrave are shot dead by a young French boy.
Talbot swears revenge but loses the next battle and Orleans to
the French, who are led by Joan. The French commend Joan
for this success but their celebration is short-lived as Talbot
succeeds in capturing Orleans from them. The countess of
Auvergne tries to trap Talbot but is failed in her attempt by the
wily English warrior.

A dispute between Somerset and Plantagenet grows into a
heated fight with the result that the two men declare themselves
each otherís enemies. Two factions are born as a red of this:
The white Rose faction consisting of Plantagenetís supports
and a Red Rose faction consisting of the men who support
Somerset. Plantagenetís uncle, Mortimer, before dying
explains the reason why the farmerís father lost his life and
property. He declares Plantagenet his heir and explains his
genealogical claim to the throne. Plantagenet resolves to obtain
what was taken away from his father.

Winchester and Gloucester take their dispute before the king.
The latter is much grieved to se his kinsmen fight and tries to
restore goodwill. He only manages in establishing a hallow
peace between the two men. Richard Plantagenet is restored to
the whole inheritance of the House of York and created the
Duke of York. Exeter fears that the dissension in the English
rank is not extinguished and that it bodes ill for the English
fortune in France.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

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