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MonkeyNotes-Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

Table of Contents

Act V, Scene V


Suffolk’s wonderful description of Margaret has made Henry
determined to have her as his wife. Gloucester and Exeter bring
up the problem of Henry’s previous engagement but Suffolk to
France to fetch Margaret to England and be crowned as his
queen. Gloucester fears that this will lead to no good. Alone,
Suffolk reveals his intent to become the true source of
influence upon Margaret, the King and the Kingdom.


Suffolk’s success in installing his "friend" as the English queen
effectively violates Henry’s contract with the Earl of
Armagnac’s daughter, which was to have been the basis for an
honorable peace. And the reason for this success is fully
apparent in Henry’s transparent intoxication with Suffolk’s
rhetoric as is revealed in, "Your wondrous rare description."
Gloucester eventually retires in dark foreboding. And Suffolk
concludes the play by acknowledging his own cynical motives
and foreshadowing havoc with his portentous allusion to the
Trojan debacle.

Table of Contents
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MonkeyNotes-Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

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