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Free Study Guide-Les Miserables by Victor Hugo-Free Book Notes Summary

Study Guide Contents

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Key Literary Elements
Character List
Short Plot/Chapter Summary (Synopsis)
Background Information - Biography
Note on Overall Structure

Chapter Summaries with Notes
Book First: An Upright Man
Book Second: The Fall
Book Third: In the Year 1817
Book Fourth: Entrust is Sometimes to Abandon
Book Fifth: The Descent
Book Sixth: Javert
Book Seventh: The Champmathieu Affair
Book Eighth:Counter Stroke
Book First: Waterloo
Book Second: The Ship Orion
Book Third: Fufillment of the Promise to the Departed
Book Fourth: The Old Gorbeau House
Book Fifth: A Dark Chase Needs a Silent Hound
Book Sixth: Petit Picpus
Book Seventh: A Parenthesis
Book Eight: Cemeteries Take What is Given Them
Book First: Paris Atomised
Book Second: The Grand Bourgeois
Book Third: The Grandfather and the Grandson
Book Fourth: Friends of the ABC
Book Fifth: The Excellence of Misfortune
Book Sixth: The Conjunction of Two Stars
Book Seventh: Patron Minette
Book Eight: The Noxious Poor
Book First: A Few Pages of History
Book Second: Eponine
Book Third: The House in the Rue Plummet
Book Fourth: Aid From Below May Be Aid From Above
Book Fifth: The End of Which is Unlike the Beginning
Book Sixth: Little Gavroche
Book Seventh: Argot
Book Eight: Enchantment and Desolation
Book Ninth: Where are They Going
Book Tenth: June 5th, 1832
Book Eleventh: The Atom Fraternizes With the Hurricane
Book Twelfth: History of Corinth From Its Foundation
Book Thirteenth: Marius Enters the Shadow
Book Fourteenth: The Grandeurs of Despair
Book Fifteenth: The Rue De L'Homme Arme
Book First: War Between Four Walls
Book Second: The Intestine of Leviathan
Book Third: Mire but Soul
Book Fourth: Javert Off the Track
Book Fifth: The Grandson and the Grandfather
Book Sixth: The White Night
Book Seventh: The Last Drop in the Chalice
Book Eight: The Twilight Wane
Book Ninth: Supreme Shadow, Supreme Dawn

Overall Analyses
Character Analysis
Plot Structure Analysis
Themes Analysis
Point of View

Study Questions

Comment on the Study of Literature

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Free Study Guide-Les Miserables by Victor Hugo-Free Online BookNotes


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