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putting aside the golden hair from the cheek, and his other hand
against the heart that beat for him!

“I think, Charles, poor Mr. Carton deserves more consideration
and respect than you expressed for him to-night.” “Indeed, my
own? Why so?” “That is what you are not to ask me. But I think-I
know-he does.” “If you know it, it is enough. What would you
have me do, my Life?” “I would ask you, dearest, to be very
generous with him always, and very lenient on his faults when he
is not by. I would ask you to believe that he has a heart he very,
very seldom reveals, and that there are deep wounds in it. My
dear, I have seen it bleeding.” “It is a painful reflection to me,” said
Charles Darnay, quite astounded, “that I should have done him
any wrong. I never thought this of him.” “My husband, it is so. I
fear he is not to be reclaimed; there is scarcely a hope that anything
in his character or fortunes is reparable now. But, I am sure that he
is capable of good things, gentle things, even magnanimous

She looked so beautiful in the purity of her faith in this lost man,
that her husband could have looked at her as she was for hours.
“And, O my dearest Love!” she urged, clinging nearer to him,
laying her head upon his breast, and raising her eyes to his,
“remember how strong we are in our happiness, and how weak he
is in his misery!” The supplication touched him home. “I will
always remember it, dear Heart! I will remember it as long as I
live.” He bent over the golden head, and put the rosy lips to his,
and folded her in his arms. If one forlorn wanderer then pacing the
dark streets, could have heard her innocent disclosure, and could
have seen the drops of pity kissed away by her husband from the
soft blue eyes so loving of that husband, he might have cried to the
night-and the words would not have parted from his lips for the
first time“God bless her for her sweet compassion!”
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