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citizen.” This in passing. Nothing more. Madame Defarge gone,
like a shadow over the white road.

“Give me your arm, my love. Pass from here with an air of
cheerfulness and courage, for his sake. That was well done;” they
had left the spot; “it shall not be in vain. Charles is summoned for
to-morrow.” “For to-morrow!” “There is no time to lose. I am well
prepared, but there are precautions to be taken, that could not be
taken until he was actually summoned before the Tribunal. He has
not received the notice yet, but I know that he will presently be
summoned for to-morrow, and removed to the Conciergerie; I have
timely information. You are not afraid?” She could scarcely
answer, “I trust in you.”

“Do so, implicitly. Your suspense is nearly ended, my darling; he
shall be restored to you within a few hours; I have encompassed
him with every protection.

I must see Lorry.” He stopped. There was a heavy lumbering of
wheels within hearing. They both knew too well what it meant.
One. Two. Three. Three tumbrils faring away with their dread
loads over the hushing snow.

“I must see Lorry,” the Doctor repeated, turning her another way.
The staunch old gentleman was still in his trust; had never left it.
He and his books were in frequent requisition as to property
confiscated and made national.

What he could save for the owners, he saved. No better man living
to hold fast by what Tellson’s had in keeping, and to hold his

A murky red and yellow sky, and a rising mist from the Seine,
denoted the approach of darkness. It was almost dark when they
arrived at the Bank. The stately residence of Monseigneur was
altogether blighted and deserted. Above a heap of dust and ashes
in the court, ran the letters: National Property. Republic One and
Indivisible. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death!

Who could that be with Mr. Lorry-the owner of the riding-coat
upon the chair-who must not be seen? From whom newly arrived,
did he come out, agitated and surprised, to take his favourite in his
arms? To whom did he appear to repeat her faltering words, when,
raising his voice and turning his head towards the door of the
room from which he had issued, he said: “Removed to the
Conciergerie, and summoned for to-morrow?”
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