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me go to the door.” He took the lamp in his hand, crossed the two
intervening outer rooms, and opened it. A rude clattering of feet
over the floor, and four rough men in red caps, armed with sabres
and pistols, entered the room.

“The Citizen Evremonde, called Darnay,” said the first.
“Who seeks him?” answered Darnay.

“I seek him. We seek him. I know you, Evremonde; I saw you
before the Tribunal to-day. You are again the prisoner of the

The four surrounded him, where he stood with his wife and child
clinging to him.

“Tell me how and why am I again a prisoner?” “It is enough that
you return straight to the Conciergerie, and will know tomorrow.
You are summoned for to-morrow.” Doctor Manette, whom this
visitation had so turned into stone, that he stood with the lamp in
his hand, as if he were a statue made to bold it. moved after these
words were spoken, put the lamp down, and confronting the
speaker, and taking him, not ungently, by the loose front of his red
woollen shirt, said: “You know him, you have said. Do you know
me?” “Yes, I know you, Citizen Doctor.” “We all know you, Citizen
Doctor,” said the other three.

He looked abstractedly from one to another, and said, in a lower
voice, after a pause:
“Will you answer his question to me then? How does this
happen?” “Citizen Doctor,” said the first, reluctantly, “he has been
denounced to the Section of Saint Antoine. This citizen,” pointing
out the second who had entered, ‘is from Saint Antoine.” The
citizen here indicated nodded his head, and added:
“He is accused by Saint Antoine.”

“Of what?” asked the Doctor.
“Citizen Doctor,” said the first, with his former reluctance, “ask no
more. If the Republic demands sacrifices from you, without doubt
you as a good patriot will be happy to make them. The Republic
goes before all. The People is supreme. Evremonde, we are
pressed.” “One word,” the Doctor entreated. “Will you tell me who
denounced him?” “It is against rule,” answered the first; “but you
can ask Him of Saint Antoine here.” The Doctor turned his eyes
upon that man. Who moved uneasily on his feet, rubbed his beard
a little, and at length said: “Well! Truly it is against rule. But he is
denounced-and gravely-by the Citizen and Citizeness Defarge.
And by one other.” “What other?” “Do you ask, Citizen Doctor?”
“Yes.” “Then,” said he of Saint Antoine, with a strange look, “you
will be answered to-morrow. Now, I am dumb!”
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