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the time, and there was not a head in the nation but must have
dropped before it.

Little need, in presence of that tribunal and that auditory, to show
how the Defarges had not made the paper public, with the other
captured Bastille memorials borne in procession, and had kept it,
biding their time. Little need to show that this detested family
name had long been anathematised by Saint Antoine, and was
wrought into the fatal register. The man never trod ground whose
virtues and services would have sustained him in that place that
day, against such denunciation.

And all the worse for the doomed man, that the denouncer was a
well-known citizen, his own attached friend, the father of his wife.
One of the frenzied aspirations of the populace was, for imitations
of the questionable public virtues of antiquity, and for sacrifices
and self-immolations on the people’s altar. Therefore when the
President said (else had his own head quivered on his shoulders),
that the good physician of the Republic would deserve better still
of the Republic by rooting out an obnoxious family of Aristocrats,
and would doubtless feel a sacred glow and joy in making his
daughter a widow and her child an orphan, there was wild
excitement, patriotic fervour, not a touch of human sympathy.
“Much influence around him, has that Doctor?” murmured
Madame Defarge, smiling to The Vengeance. “Save him now, my
Doctor, save him!” At every juryman’s vote, there was a roar.
Another and another. Roar and roar.

Unanimously voted. At heart and by descent an Aristocrat, an
enemy of the Republic, a notorious oppressor of the People. Back to
the Conciergerie, and Death within four-and-twenty hours!
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