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“English?” asked Madame Defarge, inquisitively raising her dark

After looking at her, as if the sound of even a single French word
were slow to express itself to him, he answered, in his former
strong foreign accent. “Yes, madame, yes. I am English!”

Madame Defarge returned to her counter to get the wine, and, as
he took up a Jacobin journal and feigned to pore over it puzzling
out its meaning, he heard her say, “I swear to you, like
Evremonde!” Defarge brought him the wine, and gave him Good

“How?” “Good evening.” “Oh! Good evening, citizen,” filling his
glass. “Ah! and good wine. I drink to the Republic.” Defarge went
back to the counter, and said, “Certainly, a little like.” Madame
sternly retorted, “I tell you a good deal like.” Jacques Three
pacifically remarked, “He is so much in your mind, see you,
madame.” The amiable Vengeance added, with a laugh, “Yes, my
faith! And you are looking forward with so much pleasure to
seeing him once more to-morrow!” Carton followed the lines and
words of his paper, with a slow forefinger, and with a studious
and absorbed face. They were all leaning their arms on the counter
close together, speaking low. After a silence of a few moments,
during which they all looked towards him without disturbing his
outward attention from the Jacobin editor, they resumed their

“It is true what madame says,” observed Jacques Three. “Why
stop? There is great force in that. Why stop?”

“Well, well,” reasoned Defarge, “but one must stop somewhere.
After all, the question is still where?” “At extermination,” said

“Magnificent!” croaked Jacques Three. The Vengeance, also, highly

“Extermination is good doctrine, my wife,” said Defarge, rather
troubled; “in general, I say nothing against it. But this Doctor has
suffered much; you have seen him to-day; you have observed his
face when the paper was read.” “I have observed his face!”
repeated madame, contemptuously and angrily.

“Yes. I have observed his face. I have observed his face to be not
the face of a true friend of the Republic. Let him take care of his
face!” “And you have observed, my wife,” said Defarge, in a
deprecatory manner, “the anguish of his daughter, which must be
a dreadful anguish to him!” “I have observed his daughter,”
repeated madame; “yes, I have observed his daughter, more times
than one. I have observed her to-day, and I have observed her
other days. I have observed her in the court, and I have observed
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