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that it was her husband’s last arrangement. Tell her that more
depends upon it than she dare believe, or hope. You think that her
father, even in this sad state, will submit himself to her; do you
not?” “I am sure of it.” “I thought so. Quietly and steadily have all
these arrangements made in the courtyard here, even to the taking
of your own seat in the carriage. The moment I come to you, take
me in, and drive away.” “I understand that I wait for you under all
circumstances?” “You have my certificate in your hand with the
rest, you know, and will reserve my place. Wait for nothing but to
have my place occupied, and then for England!”

“Why, then,” said Mr. Lorry, grasping his eager but so firm and
steady hand, “it does not all depend on one old man, but I shall
have a young and ardent man at my side.” “By the help of Heaven
you shall! Promise me solemnly that nothing will influence you to
alter the course on which we now stand pledged to one another.”
“Nothing, Carton.” “Remember these words to-morrow: change
the course, or delay in it-for any reason-and no life can possibly
be saved, and many lives must inevitably be sacrificed.” “I will
remember them. I hope to do my part faithfully.” “And I hope to
do mine. Now, good bye!” Though he said it with a grave smile of
earnestness, and though he even put the old man’s hand to his lips,
he did not part from him then. He helped him so far to arouse the
rocking figure before the dying embers, as to get a cloak and hat
put upon it, and to tempt it forth to find where the bench and work
were hidden that it still moaningly besought to have. He walked
on the other side of it and protected it to the courtyard of the house
where the afflicted heart-so happy in the memorable time when he
had revealed his own desolate heart to it-outwatched the awful
night. He entered the courtyard and remained there for a few
moments alone, looking up at the light in the window of her room.
Before he went away, he breathed a blessing towards it, and a
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