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myself, therefore. Come hither, little citizen.” The wood-sawyer,
who held her in the respect, and himself in the submission, of
mortal fear, advanced with his hand to his red cap.

“Touching those signals, little citizen,” said Madame Defarge,
sternly, “that she made to the prisoners; you are ready to bear
witness to them this very day?” “Ay, ay, why not!” cried the
sawyer. “Every day, in all weathers, from two to four, always
signalling, sometimes with the little one, sometimes without. I
know what I know. I have seen with my eyes.” He made all
manner of gestures while he spoke, as if in incidental imitation of
some few of the great diversity of signals that he had never seen.
“Clearly plots,” said Jacques Three. “Transparently!” “There is no
doubt of the Jury?” inquired Madame Defarge, letting her eyes
turn to him with a gloomy smile.

“Rely upon the patriotic Jury, dear citizeness. I answer for my
fellow Jurymen.” “Now, let me see,” said Madame Defarge,
pondering again. “Yet once more! Can I spare this Doctor to my
husband? I have no feeling either way. Can I spare him?”

“He would count as one head,” observed Jacques Three, in a low
voice. “We really have not heads enough; it would be a pity, I
think.” “He was signalling with her when I saw her,” argued
Madame Defarge; “I cannot speak of one without the other; and I
must not be silent, and trust the case wholly to him, this little
citizen here. For, I am not a bad witness.” The Vengeance and
Jacques Three vied with each other in their fervent protestations
that she was the most admirable and marvellous of witnesses. The
little citizen, not to be outdone, declared her to be a celestial

“He must take his chance,” said Madame Defarge. “No, I cannot
spare him! You are engaged at three o’clock; you are going to see
the batch of to-day executed.- You?” The question was addressed
to the wood-sawyer, who hurriedly replied in the affirmative:
seizing the occasion to add that he was the most ardent of
Republicans, and that he would be in effect the most desolate of
Republicans, if anything prevented him from enjoying the pleasure
of smoking his afternoon pipe in the contemplation of the droll
national barber. He was so very demonstrative herein, that he
might have been suspected (perhaps was, by the dark eyes that
looked contemptuously at him out of Madame Defarge’s head) of
having his small individual fears for his own personal safety, every
hour in the day.

“I,” said madame, “am equally engaged at the same place. After it
is oversay at eight to-night-come you to me, in Saint Antoine, and
we will give information against these people at my Section.” The
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