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rather. But it's all over, a long while. Old Creakle!'

'You were brought up by an uncle, then?' said I.

'Of course I was!' said Traddles. 'The one I was always going to
write to. And always didn't, eh! Ha, ha, ha! Yes, I had an uncle
then. He died soon after I left school.'


'Yes. He was a retired - what do you call it! - draper -
cloth-merchant - and had made me his heir. But he didn't like me
when I grew up.'

'Do you really mean that?' said I. He was so composed, that I
fancied he must have some other meaning.

'Oh dear, yes, Copperfield! I mean it,' replied Traddles. 'It was
an unfortunate thing, but he didn't like me at all. He said I
wasn't at all what he expected, and so he married his housekeeper.'

'And what did you do?' I asked.

'I didn't do anything in particular,' said Traddles. 'I lived with
them, waiting to be put out in the world, until his gout
unfortunately flew to his stomach - and so he died, and so she
married a young man, and so I wasn't provided for.'

'Did you get nothing, Traddles, after all?'

'Oh dear, yes!' said Traddles. 'I got fifty pounds. I had never
been brought up to any profession, and at first I was at a loss
what to do for myself. However, I began, with the assistance of
the son of a professional man, who had been to Salem House -
Yawler, with his nose on one side. Do you recollect him?'

No. He had not been there with me; all the noses were straight in
my day.

'It don't matter,' said Traddles. 'I began, by means of his
assistance, to copy law writings. That didn't answer very well;
and then I began to state cases for them, and make abstracts, and
that sort of work. For I am a plodding kind of fellow,
Copperfield, and had learnt the way of doing such things pithily.
Well! That put it in my head to enter myself as a law student; and
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