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'Not, of course, but that my Sophy - pretty name, Copperfield, I
always think?'

'Very pretty!' said I.

'Not, of course, but that Sophy is beautiful too in my eyes, and
would be one of the dearest girls that ever was, in anybody's eyes
(I should think). But when I say the eldest is a Beauty, I mean
she really is a -' he seemed to be describing clouds about himself,
with both hands: 'Splendid, you know,' said Traddles,

'Indeed!' said I.

'Oh, I assure you,' said Traddles, 'something very uncommon,
indeed! Then, you know, being formed for society and admiration,
and not being able to enjoy much of it in consequence of their
limited means, she naturally gets a little irritable and exacting,
sometimes. Sophy puts her in good humour!'

'Is Sophy the youngest?' I hazarded.

'Oh dear, no!' said Traddles, stroking his chin. 'The two youngest
are only nine and ten. Sophy educates 'em.'

'The second daughter, perhaps?' I hazarded.

'No,' said Traddles. 'Sarah's the second. Sarah has something the
matter with her spine, poor girl. The malady will wear out by and
by, the doctors say, but in the meantime she has to lie down for a
twelvemonth. Sophy nurses her. Sophy's the fourth.'

'Is the mother living?' I inquired.

'Oh yes,' said Traddles, 'she is alive. She is a very superior
woman indeed, but the damp country is not adapted to her
constitution, and - in fact, she has lost the use of her limbs.'

'Dear me!' said I.

'Very sad, is it not?' returned Traddles. 'But in a merely
domestic view it is not so bad as it might be, because Sophy takes
her place. She is quite as much a mother to her mother, as she is
to the other nine.'

I felt the greatest admiration for the virtues of this young lady;
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