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'Mr. Peggotty,' said I, taking the chair he handed me, 'don't
expect much! I have heard some news.'

'Of Em'ly!'

He put his hand, in a nervous manner, on his mouth, and turned
pale, as he fixed his eyes on mine.

'It gives no clue to where she is; but she is not with him.'

He sat down, looking intently at me, and listened in profound
silence to all I had to tell. I well remember the sense of
dignity, beauty even, with which the patient gravity of his face
impressed me, when, having gradually removed his eyes from mine, he
sat looking downward, leaning his forehead on his hand. He offered
no interruption, but remained throughout perfectly still. He
seemed to pursue her figure through the narrative, and to let every
other shape go by him, as if it were nothing.

When I had done, he shaded his face, and continued silent. I
looked out of the window for a little while, and occupied myself
with the plants.

'How do you fare to feel about it, Mas'r Davy?' he inquired at

'I think that she is living,' I replied.

'I doen't know. Maybe the first shock was too rough, and in the
wildness of her art -! That there blue water as she used to speak
on. Could she have thowt o' that so many year, because it was to
be her grave!'

He said this, musing, in a low, frightened voice; and walked across
the little room.

'And yet,' he added, 'Mas'r Davy, I have felt so sure as she was
living - I have know'd, awake and sleeping, as it was so trew that
I should find her - I have been so led on by it, and held up by it
- that I doen't believe I can have been deceived. No! Em'ly's

He put his hand down firmly on the table, and set his sunburnt face
into a resolute expression.
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