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The same room. In the corner, beside the piano, stands the Christmas-tree, stripped,
and with the candles burnt out. NORAís outdoor things lie on the sofa.

NORA, alone, is walking about restlessly. At last she stops by the sofa, and takes up her

NORA[Dropping the cloak.] Thereís somebody coming!
[Goes to the hall door and listens.]

Nobody; of course nobody will come to-day, Christmas-day; nor to-morrow either. But
perhaps [Opens the door and looks out.]

ē No, nothing in the letter box; quite empty.

[Comes forward.]

Stuff and nonsense! Of course he wonít really do anything. Such a thing couldnít
happen. Itís impossible! Why, I have three little children.

ANNA enters from the left, with a large cardboard box.
ANNA Iíve found the box with the fancy dress at last.
NORA Thanks; put it down on the table.

ANNA[Does so.] But Iím afraid itís very much out of order.
NORA Oh, I wish I could tear it into a hundred thousand pieces!
ANNA Oh, no. It can easily be put to rights-just a little patience.
NORA I shall go and get Mrs. Linden to help me.

ANNA Going out again? In such weather as this! Youíll catch cold, maíam, and be ill.

NORA Worse things might happen.- What are the children doing?

ANNA Theyíre playing with their Christmas presents, poor little dears; butNORA Do
they often ask for me? ANNA You see theyíve been so used to having their mamma
with them.

NORA Yes; but, Anna, I canít have them so much with me in future.

ANNA Well, little children get used to anything.

NORA Do you think they do? Do you believe they would forget their mother if she
went quite away? ANNA Gracious me! Quite away? NORA Tell me, Anna-Iíve so
often wondered about it-how could you bring yourself to give your child up to

ANNA I had to when I came to nurse my little Miss Nora.

NORA But how could you make up your mind to it? ANNA When I had the chance of
such a good place? A poor girl whoís been in trouble must take what comes. That
wicked man did nothing for me.

NORA But your daughter must have forgotten you.
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