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NORA [Rises and walks across the room.] Oh, yesterday, it didnít seem so pleasant as
usual.- You should have come to town a little sooner, Christina.- Torvald has certainly
the art of making home bright and beautiful.

MRS. LINDEN You too, I should think, or you wouldnít be your fatherís daughter. But
tell me-is Doctor Rank always so depressed as he was last evening?

NORA No, yesterday it was particularly noticeable. You see, he suffers from a dreadful
illness. He has spinal consumption, poor fellow. They say his father was a horrible
man, who kept mistresses and all sorts of things-so the son has been sickly from his
childhood, you understand.

MRS. LINDEN [Lets her sewing fall into her lap.] Why, my darling Nora, how do you
come to know such things? NORA [Moving about the room.] Oh, when one has three
children, one sometimes has visits from women who are half-half doctors-and they
talk of one thing and another.

MRS. LINDEN [Goes on sewing; a short pause.] Does Doctor Rank come here every
day? NORA Every day of his life. He has been Torvaldís most intimate friend from
boyhood, and heís a good friend of mine too. Doctor Rank is quite one of the family.

MRS. LINDEN But tell me-is he quite sincere? I mean, isnít he rather given to flattering
people? NORA No, quite the contrary. Why should you think so? MRS. LINDEN When
you introduced us yesterday he said he had often heard my name; but I noticed
afterwards that your husband had no notion who I was. How could Doctor Rank-?
NORA He was quite right, Christina. You see, Torvald loves me so indescribably, he
wants to have me all to himself, as he says.

When we were first married he was almost jealous if I even mentioned any of my old
friends at home; so naturally I gave up doing it. But I often talk of the old times to
Doctor Rank, for he likes to hear about them.

MRS. LINDEN Listen to me, Nora! You are still a child in many ways. I am older than
you, and have had more experience. Iíll tell you something? You ought to get clear of
all this with Dr.


NORA Get clear of what? MRS. LINDEN The whole affair, I should say. You were
talking yesterday of a rich admirer who was to find you moneyNORA Yes, one who
never existed, worse luck. What then? MRS. LINDEN Has Doctor Rank money? NORA
Yes, he has.

MRS. LINDEN And nobody to provide for? NORA Nobody. But-? MRS. LINDEN And
he comes here every day? NORA Yes, I told you so.

MRS. LINDEN I should have thought he would have had better taste.

NORA I donít understand you a bit.
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