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The same room. The table, with the chairs around it, in the middle. A lighted lamp on
the table. The door to the hall stands open. Dance music is heard from the floor above.
MRS. LINDEN sits by the table and absently turns the pages of a book. She tries to
read, but seems unable to fix her attention; she frequently listens and looks anxiously
towards the hall door.

MRS. LINDEN [Looks at her watch.] Not here yet; and the time is nearly up. If only he
hasnít-[Listens again.] Ah, there he is.

[She goes into the hall and cautiously opens the outer door; soft footsteps are heard on
the stairs; she whispers.]

Come in; there is no one here.

KROGSTAD [In the doorway.] I found a note from you at my house. What does it
mean? MRS. LINDEN I must speak to you.

KROGSTAD Indeed? And in this house?

MRS. LINDEN I could not see you at my rooms. They have no separate entrance.

Come in; we are quite alone. The servants are asleep, and the Helmers are at the ball

KROGSTAD [Coming into the room.] Ah! So the Helmers are dancing this evening?
Really? MRS. LINDEN Yes. Why not? KROGSTAD Quite right. Why not? MRS.
LINDEN And now let us talk a little.

KROGSTAD Have we two anything to say to each other? MRS. LINDEN A great deal.
KROGSTAD I should not have thought so.

MRS. LINDEN Because you have never really understood me.
KROGSTAD What was there to understand? The most natural thing in the world-a
heartless woman throws a man over when a better match offers.

MRS. LINDEN Do you really think me so heartless? Do you think I broke with you
lightly? KROGSTAD Did you not? MRS. LINDEN Do you really think so? KROGSTAD
If not, why did you write me that letter? MRS. LINDEN Was it not best? Since I had to
break with you, was it not right that I should try to put an end to all that you felt for

KROGSTAD [Clenching his hands together.] So that was it? And all this-for the sake of

MRS. LINDEN You ought not to forget that I had a helpless mother and two little
brothers. We could not wait for you, Nils, as your prospects then stood.
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