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KROGSTAD Very well, if you like to risk it. But one thing I can do, and at onceMRS.
LINDEN [Listening.] Make haste! Go, go! The dance is over; we’re not safe another

KROGSTAD I shall wait for you in the street.
MRS. LINDEN Yes, do; you must see me home.
KROGSTAD I never was so happy in all my life!
[KROGSTAD goes out by the outer door. The door between the room and the hall
remains open.

MRS. LINDEN [Arranging the room and getting her outdoor things together.]

What a change! What a change! To have some one to work for, to live for; a home to
make happy! Well, it shall not be my fault if I fail.- I wish they would come.

Ah, here they are! I must get my things on.
[Takes bonnet and cloak. HELMER’S and NORA’S voices are heard outside, a key is
turned in the lock, and HELMER drags NORA almost by force into the hall.

She wears the Italian costume with a large black shawl over it. He is in evening dress
and wears a black domino, open.

NORA [Struggling with him in the doorway.] No, no, no! I won’t go in! I want to go
upstairs again; I don’t want to leave so early!

HELMER But, my dearest girl-!

NORA Oh, please, please, Torvald, I beseech you-only one hour more!
HELMER Not one minute more, Nora dear; you know what we agreed.
Come, come in; you’re catching cold here.

[He leads her gently into the room in spite of her resistance.
MRS. LINDEN Good-evening.

NORA Christina!
HELMER What, Mrs. Linden! You here so late?
MRS. LINDEN Yes, I ought to apologise. I did so want to see Nora in her costume.
NORA Have you been sitting here waiting for me? MRS. LINDEN Yes; unfortunately I
came too late. You had gone upstairs already, and I felt I couldn’t go away without
seeing you.

HELMER [Taking Nora’s shawl off.] Well then, just look at her! I assure you she’s
worth it. isn’t she lovely, Mrs. Linden? MRS. LINDEN Yes, I must sayHELMER Isn’t
she exquisite? Every one said so. But she’s dreadfully obstinate, dear little creature.
What’s to be done with her? Just think, I had almost to force her away.

NORA Oh, Torvald, you’ll be sorry some day that you didn’t let me stay, if only for one
half-hour more.
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