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diabolically gleaming-the incarnation of belligerent fear. So
terrible was his appearance that Spitz was forced to forego
disciplining him; but to cover his own discomfiture he turned upon
the inoffensive and wailing Billee and drove him to the confines of
the camp.

By evening Perrault secured another dog, an old husky, long and
lean and gaunt, with a battle-scarred face and a single eye which
flashed a warning of prowess that commanded respect. He was
called Sol-leks, which means the Angry One. Like Dave, he asked
nothing, gave nothing, expected nothing; and when he marched
slowly and deliberately into their midst, even Spitz left him alone.
He had one peculiarity which, Buck was unlucky enough to
discover. He did not like to be approached on his blind side. Of
this offence Buck was unwittingly guilty, and the first knowledge
he had of his indiscretion was when Sol-leks whirled upon him
and slashed his shoulder to the bone for three inches up and down.
Forever after Buck avoided his blind side, and to the last of their
comradeship had no more trouble. His only apparent ambition,
like Dave’s, was to be left alone; though, as Buck was afterward to
learn, each of them possessed one other and even more vital

That night Buck faced the great problem of sleeping. The tent,
illumined by a candle, glowed warmly in the midst of the white
plain; and when he, as a matter of course, entered it, both Perrault
and Francois bombarded him with curses and cooking utensils till
he recovered from his consternation and fled ignominiously into
the outer cold. A chill wind was blowing that nipped him sharply
and bit with especial venom into his wounded shoulder. He lay
down on the snow and attempted to sleep, but the frost soon drove
him shivering to his feet. Miserable and disconsolate, he wandered
about among the many tents, only to find that one place was as
cold as another. Here and there savage dogs rushed upon him, but
he bristled his neck-hair and snarled (for he was learning fast), and
they let him go his way unmolested.

Finally an idea came to him. He would return and see how his own
teammates were making out. To his astonishment, they had
disappeared. Again he wandered about through the great camp,
looking for them, again he returned.

Were they in the tent? No, that could not be, else he would not
have been driven out. Then where could they possibly be? With
drooping tail and shivering body, very forlorn indeed, he aimlessly
circled the tent. Suddenly the snow gave way beneath his forelegs
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