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OBERON[Advancing] Welcome, good Robin. Seest thou this sweet sight? Her dotage
now I do begin to pity; For, meeting her of late behind the wood, Seeking sweet favours
for this hateful fool, I did upbraid her and fall out with her.

For she his hairy temples then had rounded With coronet of fresh and fragrant flowers;
And that same dew which sometime on the buds Was wont to swell like round and
orient pearls Stood now within the pretty flowerets’ eyes, Like tears that did their own
disgrace bewail.

When I had at my pleasure taunted her, And she in mild terms begg’d my patience, I
then did ask of her her changeling child; Which straight she gave me, and her fairy sent
To bear him to my bower in fairy land.

And now I have the boy, I will undo This hateful imperfection of her eyes.
And, gentle Puck, take this transformed scalp From off the head of this Athenian swain,
That he awaking when the other do May all to Athens back again repair, And think no
more of this night’s accidents But as the fierce vexation of a dream.

But first I will release the Fairy Queen.
[Touching her eyes] Be as thou wast wont to be; See as thou was wont to see.
Dian’s bud o’er Cupid’s flower Hath such force and blessed power.

Now, my Titania; wake you, my sweet queen.
My Oberon! What visions have I seen!
Methought I was enamour’d of an ass.
OBERON There lies your love.

TITANIA How came these things to pass? O, how mine eyes do loathe his visage now!
OBERON Silence awhile. Robin, take off this head.

Titania, music call; and strike more dead Than common sleep of all these five the sense.
TITANIA Music, ho, music, such as charmeth sleep!

PUCK Now when thou wak’st with thine own fool’s eyes peep.
OBERON Sound, music. Come, my Queen, take hands with me, [Music]
And rock the ground whereon these sleepers be.

Now thou and I are new in amity, And will to-morrow midnight solemnly Dance in
Duke Theseus’ house triumphantly, And bless it to all fair prosperity.

There shall the pairs of faithful lovers be Wedded, with Theseus, an in jollity.
PUCK Fairy King, attend and mark; I do hear the morning lark.

OBERON Then, my Queen, in silence sad, Trip we after night’s shade.
We the globe can compass soon, Swifter than the wand’ring moon.
TITANIA Come, my lord; and in our flight, Tell me how it came this night That I
sleeping here was found With these mortals on the ground.


To the winding of horns, enter THESEUS, HIPPOLYTA, EGEUS, and train THESEUS
Go, one of you, find out the forester; For now our observation is perform’d, And since
we have the vaward of the day, My love shall hear the music of my hounds.

Uncouple in the western valley; let them go.
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