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When he emerged at the quarry he felt secure, and so he picked up his nimble
heels and flew. Down, down he sped, till he reached the Welchman’s. He
banged at the door, and presently the heads of the old man and his two stalwart
sons were thrust from windows.

“What’s the row there? Who’s banging? What do you want?” “Let me in-quick!
I’ll tell everything.” “Why who are you?” “Huckleberry Finn-quick, let me in!”
“Huckleberry Finn, indeed! It ain’t a name to open many doors, I judge! But let
him in, lads, and let’s see what’s the trouble.”

“Please don’t ever tell I told you,” were Huck’s first words when he got in.
“Please dont-I’d be killed, sure-but the Widow’s been good friends to me
sometimes, and I want to tell-I will tell if you’ll promise you won’t ever say it
was me.” “By George he has got something to tell, or he wouldn’t act so!”
exclaimed the old man; “out with it and nobody here’ll ever tell, lad.” Three
minutes later the old man and his sons, well armed, were up the hill, and just
entering the sumach path on tip-toe, their weapons in their hands. Huck
accompanied them no further. He hid behind a great boulder and fell to

There was a lagging, anxious silence, and then all of a sudden there was an
explosion of firearms and a cry.

Huck waited for no particulars. He sprang away and sped down the hill as fast
as his legs could carry him.

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