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“I judged so; the boys in this town will take more trouble and fool away more
time, hunting up six bits’ worth of old iron to sell to the foundry than they
would to make twice the money at regular work. But that’s human nature-hurry
along, hurry along!” The boys wanted to know what the hurry was about.
“Never mind; you’ll see, when we get to the Widow Douglas’s.” Huck said with
some apprehension-for he was long used to being falsely accused“Mr. Jones, we
haven’t been doing nothing.” The Welchman laughed.

“Well, I don’t know, Huck, my boy. I don’t know about that. Ain’t you and the
widow good friends?” “Yes. Well, she’s ben good friends to me, any ways.” “All
right, then. What do you want to be afraid for?”

This question was not entirely answered in Huck’s slow mind before he found
himself pushed, along with Tom, into Mrs. Douglas’s drawing-room. Mr. Jones
left the wagon near the door and followed.

The place was grandly lighted, and everybody that was of any consequence in
the village was there. The Thatchers were there, the Harpers, the Rogerses, Aunt
Polly, Sid, Mary, the minister, the editor, and a great many more, and all dressed
in their best. The widow received the boys as heartily as any one could well
receive two such looking beings. They were covered with clay and candle

Aunt Polly blushed crimson with humiliation, and frowned and shook her head
at Tom. Nobody suffered half as much as the two boys did, however. Mr. Jones
said: “Tom wasn’t at home, yet, so I gave him up; but I stumbled on him and
Huck right at my door, and so I just brought them along in a hurry.” “And you
did just right,” said the widow:- “Come with me, boys.” She took them to a bed
chamber and said: “Now wash and dress yourselves. Here are two new suits of
clothes-shirts, socks, everything complete. They’re Huck’s-no, no thanks, Huck-
Mr. Jones bought one and I the other. But they’ll fit both of you. Get into them.
We’ll waitcome down when you are slicked up enough.” Then she left.

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