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on her own part, they never could have been brought to that pass.

Not to strain the question whether Mrs Nickleby had or had not
any great hand in bringing matters about, it is unquestionable that
she had strong ground for exultation. The brothers, on their
return, bestowed such commendations on Nicholas for the part he
had taken, and evinced so much joy at the altered state of events
and the recovery of their young friend from trials so great and
dangers so threatening, that, as she more than once informed her
daughter, she now considered the fortunes of the family Ďas good
así made. Mr Charles Cheeryble, indeed, Mrs Nickleby positively
asserted, had, in the first transports of his surprise and delight, Ďas
good así said so. Without precisely explaining what this
qualification meant, she subsided, whenever she mentioned the
subject, into such a mysterious and important state, and had such
visions of wealth and dignity in perspective, that (vague and
clouded though they were) she was, at such times, almost as happy
as if she had really been permanently provided for, on a scale of
great splendour.

The sudden and terrible shock she had received, combined
with the great affliction and anxiety of mind which she had, for a
long time, endured, proved too much for Madelineís strength.
Recovering from the state of stupefaction into which the sudden
death of her father happily plunged her, she only exchanged that
condition for one of dangerous and active illness. When the
delicate physical powers which have been sustained by an
unnatural strain upon the mental energies and a resolute
determination not to yield, at last give way, their degree of
prostration is usually proportionate to the strength of the effort
which has previously upheld them. Thus it was that the illness

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