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worn and emaciated, that it was painful to look upon him.
Nicholas was warned, by the same medical authority to whom he
had at first appealed, that the last chance and hope of his life
depended on his being instantly removed from London. That part
of Devonshire in which Nicholas had been himself bred was
named as the most favourable spot; but this advice was cautiously
coupled with the information, that whoever accompanied him
thither must be prepared for the worst; for every token of rapid
consumption had appeared, and he might never return alive.

The kind brothers, who were acquainted with the poor
creature’s sad history, dispatched old Tim to be present at this
consultation. That same morning, Nicholas was summoned by
brother Charles into his private room, and thus addressed:

‘My dear sir, no time must be lost. This lad shall not die, if such
human means as we can use can save his life; neither shall he die
alone, and in a strange place. Remove him tomorrow morning, see
that he has every comfort that his situation requires, and don’t
leave him; don’t leave him, my dear sir, until you know that there
is no longer any immediate danger. It would be hard, indeed, to
part you now. No, no, no! Tim shall wait upon you tonight, sir; Tim
shall wait upon you tonight with a parting word or two. Brother
Ned, my dear fellow, Mr Nickleby waits to shake hands and say
goodbye; Mr Nickleby won’t be long gone; this poor chap will soon
get better, very soon get better; and then he’ll find out some nice
homely country-people to leave him with, and will go backwards
and forwards sometimes--backwards and forwards you know,
Ned. And there’s no cause to be downhearted, for he’ll very soon
get better, very soon. Won’t he, won’t he, Ned?’

What Tim Linkinwater said, or what he brought with him that

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