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part of a deep-laid system. There anít another chap in the school
but that boy as would have died exactly at the end of the quarter:
taking it out of me to the very last, and then carrying his spite to
the utmost extremity. ďThe juniorest Palmer said he wished he
was in Heaven.Ē I really donít know, I do not know whatís to be
done with that young fellow; heís always a-wishing something
horrid. He said once, he wished he was a donkey, because then he
wouldnít have a father as didnít love him! Pretty wicious that for a
child of six!í

Mr Squeers was so much moved by the contemplation of this
hardened nature in one so young, that he angrily put up the letter,
and sought, in a new train of ideas, a subject of consolation.

ĎItís a long time to have been a-lingering in London,í he said;
Ďand this is a precious hole to come and live in, even if it has been
only for a week or so. Still, one hundred pound is five boys, and
five boys takes a whole year to pay one hundred pounds, and
thereís their keep to be substracted, besides. Thereís nothing lost,
neither, by oneís being here; because the boysí money comes in
just the same as if I was at home, and Mrs Squeers she keeps them
in order. Thereíll be some lost time to make up, of course. Thereíll
be an arrear of flogging asíll have to be gone through: still, a
couple of days makes that all right, and one donít mind a little
extra work for one hundred pound. Itís pretty nigh the time to wait
upon the old woman. From what she said last night, I suspect that
if Iím to succeed at all, I shall succeed tonight; so Iíll have half a
glass more, to wish myself success, and put myself in spirits. Mrs
Squeers, my dear, your health!í

Leering with his one eye as if the lady to whom he drank had
been actually present, Mr Squeers--in his enthusiasm, no doubt--

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