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produced, he suffered no sign of emotion to escape him, but sat
perfectly still, not raising his frowning eyes from the ground, and
covering his mouth with his hand. When the narrative was
concluded; he raised his head hastily, as if about to speak, but on
brother Charles resuming, fell into his old attitude again.

‘I told you this morning,’ said the old gentleman, laying his
hand upon his brother’s shoulder, ‘that I came to you in mercy.
How far you may be implicated in this last transaction, or how far
the person who is now in custody may criminate you, you best
know. But, justice must take its course against the parties
implicated in the plot against this poor, unoffending, injured lad. It
is not in my power, or in the power of my brother Ned, to save you
from the consequences. The utmost we can do is, to warn you in
time, and to give you an opportunity of escaping them. We would
not have an old man like you disgraced and punished by your near
relation; nor would we have him forget, like you, all ties of blood
and nature. We entreat you--brother Ned, you join me, I know, in
this entreaty, and so, Tim Linkinwater, do you, although you
pretend to be an obstinate dog, sir, and sit there frowning as if you
didn’t--we entreat you to retire from London, to take shelter in
some place where you will be safe from the consequences of these
wicked designs, and where you may have time, sir, to atone for
them, and to become a better man.’

‘And do you think,’ returned Ralph, rising, ‘and do you think,
you will so easily crush ME? Do you think that a hundred well-
arranged plans, or a hundred suborned witnesses, or a hundred
false curs at my heels, or a hundred canting speeches full of oily
words, will move me? I thank you for disclosing your schemes,
which I am now prepared for. You have not the man to deal with

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