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how he looked, and what had led him to do it; all of which he
recalled with ease. By dint of dwelling upon this theme, he carried
the impression with him when he went away; as he remembered,
when a child, to have had frequently before him the figure of some
goblin he had once seen chalked upon a door. But as he drew
nearer and nearer home he forgot it again, and began to think how
very dull and solitary the house would be inside.

This feeling became so strong at last, that when he reached his
own door, he could hardly make up his mind to turn the key and
open it. When he had done that, and gone into the passage, he felt
as though to shut it again would be to shut out the world. But he
let it go, and it closed with a loud noise. There was no light. How
very dreary, cold, and still it was!

Shivering from head to foot, he made his way upstairs into the
room where he had been last disturbed. He had made a kind of
compact with himself that he would not think of what had
happened until he got home. He was at home now, and suffered
himself to consider it.

His own child, his own child! He never doubted the tale; he felt
it was true; knew it as well, now, as if he had been privy to it all
along. His own child! And dead too. Dying beside Nicholas, loving
him, and looking upon him as something like an angel. That was
the worst!

They had all turned from him and deserted him in his very first
need. Even money could not buy them now; everything must come
out, and everybody must know all. Here was the young lord dead,
his companion abroad and beyond his reach, ten thousand pounds
gone at one blow, his plot with Gride overset at the very moment
of triumph, his after-schemes discovered, himself in danger, the

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