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‘Indeed it is, mama.’
‘Why, I never heard such a thing in my life!’ exclaimed Mrs

‘Mr Linkinwater is a most excellent creature,’ reasoned Kate,
‘and, for his age, quite young still.’

‘For his age, my dear!’ returned Mrs Nickleby, ‘yes; nobody says
anything against him, except that I think he is the weakest and
most foolish man I ever knew. It’s her age I speak of. That he
should have gone and offered himself to a woman who must be--
ah, half as old again as I am--and that she should have dared to
accept him! It don’t signify, Kate; I’m disgusted with her!’

Shaking her head very emphatically indeed, Mrs Nickleby
swept away; and all the evening, in the midst of the merriment
and enjoyment that ensued, and in which with that exception she
freely participated, conducted herself towards Miss La Creevy in a
stately and distant manner, designed to mark her sense of the
impropriety of her conduct, and to signify her extreme and cutting
disapprobation of the misdemeanour she had so flagrantly

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