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Such a cheer arose as the walls of Dotheboys Hall had never
echoed before, and were destined never to respond to again. When
the sound had died away, the school was empty; and of the busy
noisy crowd which had peopled it but five minutes before, not one

‘Very well, Mr Browdie!’ said Miss Squeers, hot and flushed
from the recent encounter, but vixenish to the last; ‘you’ve been
and excited our boys to run away. Now see if we don’t pay you out
for that, sir! If my pa is unfortunate and trod down by henemies,
we’re not going to be basely crowed and conquered over by you
and ’Tilda.’

‘Noa!’ replied John bluntly, ‘thou bean’t. Tak’ thy oath o’ thot.
Think betther o’ us, Fanny. I tell ’ee both, that I’m glod the auld
man has been caught out at last--dom’d glod--but ye’ll sooffer
eneaf wi’out any crowin’ fra’ me, and I be not the mun to crow, nor
be Tilly the lass, so I tell ’ee flat. More than thot, I tell ’ee noo, that
if thou need’st friends to help thee awa’ from this place--dinnot
turn up thy nose, Fanny, thou may’st--thou’lt foind Tilly and I wi’
a thout o’ old times aboot us, ready to lend thee a hond. And when
I say thot, dinnot think I be asheamed of waa’t I’ve deane, for I say
again, Hurrah! and dom the schoolmeasther. There!’

His parting words concluded, John Browdie strode heavily out,
remounted his nag, put him once more into a smart canter, and,
carolling lustily forth some fragments of an old song, to which the
horse’s hoofs rang a merry accompaniment, sped back to his
pretty wife and to Nicholas.

For some days afterwards, the neighbouring country was
overrun with boys, who, the report went, had been secretly
furnished by Mr and Mrs Browdie, not only with a hearty meal of

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