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and cut the Von Swillenhausens dead.’ With this the baron fell
into his chair, and laughed so loud and boisterously, that the room
rang with it.

‘The figure fell back a pace or two, regarding the baron
meanwhile with a look of intense terror, and when he had ceased,
caught up the stake, plunged it violently into its body, uttered a
frightful howl, and disappeared.

‘Von Koeldwethout never saw it again. Having once made up
his mind to action, he soon brought the baroness and the Von
Swillenhausens to reason, and died many years afterwards: not a
rich man that I am aware of, but certainly a happy one: leaving
behind him a numerous family, who had been carefully educated
in bear and boar-hunting under his own personal eye. And my
advice to all men is, that if ever they become hipped and
melancholy from similar causes (as very many men do), they look
at both sides of the question, applying a magnifying-glass to the
best one; and if they still feel tempted to retire without leave, that
they smoke a large pipe and drink a full bottle first, and profit by
the laudable example of the Baron of Grogzwig.’

‘The fresh coach is ready, ladies and gentlemen, if you please,’
said a new driver, looking in.

This intelligence caused the punch to be finished in a great
hurry, and prevented any discussion relative to the last story. Mr
Squeers was observed to draw the grey-headed gentleman on one
side, and to ask a question with great apparent interest; it bore
reference to the Five Sisters of York, and was, in fact, an inquiry
whether he could inform him how much per annum the Yorkshire
convents got in those days with their boarders.

The journey was then resumed. Nicholas fell asleep towards

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