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instruments, very far exceeding any that appear in these pages.”

This comprises all I need say on the subject; except that if I had
seen occasion, I had resolved to reprint a few of these details of
legal proceedings, from certain old newspapers.

One other quotation from the same Preface may serve to
introduce a fact that my readers may think curious.

“To turn to a more pleasant subject, it may be right to say, that
there are two characters in this book which are drawn from life. It
is remarkable that what we call the world, which is so very
credulous in what professes to be true, is most incredulous in what
professes to be imaginary; and that, while, every day in real life, it
will allow in one man no blemishes, and in another no virtues, it
will seldom admit a very strongly-marked character, either good
or bad, in a fictitious narrative, to be within the limits of
probability. But those who take an interest in this tale, will be glad
to learn that the Brothers Cheeryble live; that their liberal charity,
their singleness of heart, their noble nature, and their unbounded
benevolence, are no creations of the Author’s brain; but are
prompting every day (and oftenest by stealth) some munificent
and generous deed in that town of which they are the pride and

If I were to attempt to sum up the thousands of letters, from all
sorts of people in all sorts of latitudes and climates, which this
unlucky paragraph brought down upon me, I should get into an
arithmetical difficulty from which I could not easily extricate
myself. Suffice it to say, that I believe the applications for loans,
gifts, and offices of profit that I have been requested to forward to
the originals of the Brothers Cheeryble (with whom I never
interchanged any communication in my life) would have

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