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hands with great dignity. ‘What is this?’

‘Truth, ma’am, and nothing but truth,’ replied the artful Phib.
‘What a situation!’ cried Miss Squeers; ‘on the brink of
unconsciously destroying the peace and happiness of my own
’Tilda. What is the reason that men fall in love with me, whether I
like it or not, and desert their chosen intendeds for my sake?’

‘Because they can’t help it, miss,’ replied the girl; ‘the reason’s
plain.’ (If Miss Squeers were the reason, it was very plain.)

‘Never let me hear of it again,’ retorted Miss Squeers. ‘Never!
Do you hear? ’Tilda Price has faults--many faults--but I wish her
well, and above all I wish her married; for I think it highly
desirable--most desirable from the very nature of her failings--
that she should be married as soon as possible. No, Phib. Let her
have Mr Browdie. I may pity him, poor fellow; but I have a great
regard for ’Tilda, and only hope she may make a better wife than I
think she will.’

With this effusion of feeling, Miss Squeers went to bed.
Spite is a little word; but it represents as strange a jumble of
feelings, and compound of discords, as any polysyllable in the
language. Miss Squeers knew as well in her heart of hearts that
what the miserable serving-girl had said was sheer, coarse, lying
flattery, as did the girl herself; yet the mere opportunity of venting
a little ill-nature against the offending Miss Price, and affecting to
compassionate her weaknesses and foibles, though only in the
presence of a solitary dependant, was almost as great a relief to
her spleen as if the whole had been gospel truth. Nay, more. We
have such extraordinary powers of persuasion when they are
exerted over ourselves, that Miss Squeers felt quite high-minded
and great after her noble renunciation of John Browdie’s hand,

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