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to the Royal Humane Society, and had indeed executed a will to
that effect; but the Institution, having been unfortunate enough, a
few months before, to save the life of a poor relation to whom he
paid a weekly allowance of three shillings and sixpence, he had, in
a fit of very natural exasperation, revoked the bequest in a codicil,
and left it all to Mr Godfrey Nickleby; with a special mention of his
indignation, not only against the society for saving the poor
relationís life, but against the poor relation also, for allowing
himself to be saved.

With a portion of this property Mr Godfrey Nickleby purchased
a small farm, near Dawlish in Devonshire, whither he retired with
his wife and two children, to live upon the best interest he could
get for the rest of his money, and the little produce he could raise
from his land. The two prospered so well together that, when he
died, some fifteen years after this period, and some five after his
wife, he was enabled to leave, to his eldest son, Ralph, three
thousand pounds in cash, and to his youngest son, Nicholas, one
thousand and the farm, which was as small a landed estate as one
would desire to see.

These two brothers had been brought up together in a school at
Exeter; and, being accustomed to go home once a week, had often
heard, from their motherís lips, long accounts of their fatherís
sufferings in his days of poverty, and of their deceased uncleís
importance in his days of affluence: which recitals produced a very
different impression on the two: for, while the younger, who was of
a timid and retiring disposition, gleaned from thence nothing but
forewarnings to shun the great world and attach himself to the
quiet routine of a country life, Ralph, the elder, deduced from the
often-repeated tale the two great morals that riches are the only

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